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eight chinese coins on red string
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  • eight chinese coins on red string

Eight Chinese Coins on Red String

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Eight brass coins tied with red thread. Made in China.

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Hang these eight Chinese coins in the SOUTH of the home and office for 2014 to nourish the lucky flying star number 8 that resides there this year.

Coins are money makers and the children of the family benefit from this placement. A strand of them can also be especially hung in the nursery and in the office for all around

Eight is the number for all around prosperity from 2004 all the way to 2024. The beautiful red thread and the Infinity Knot add to the import and beauty of this gorgeous hanger. The heavy coins (circle) with the hole cut out (yang) balance the energy from Heaven and Earth. The long bright red tassel give it powerful yang energy.

I keep these in my purse for money luck. I put them on my computer and work desk as well.

Coins always mean money luck and prosperity so placing them in the office on the desk is a good idea as well.

Place them on important papers, hang them on your computer, your files near your phone etc.

Hang these lucky 8 coins on the door knob INSIDE the office to help activate success.

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