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8 gold coins
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  • 8 gold coins

8 Gold Coins

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8 loose Gold Coins made of high quality brass. China. come with brocade bag.

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Chinese coins are essential ingredients in the practice of Feng Shui. They are the most potent symbol of wealth. The circle represents Heaven Luck while the square in the middle represents earth luck.

These are high quality Chien Lung cons made from high quality brass. These are considered the highest quality for overall luck attraction. These are the most potent wealth magnets.

You can follow what the Masters did and bury these in the Northwest and the West (the metal sectors) of your home. If this is impossible to bury them, merely keep and display them in a metal box and activate these two corners of the home.

Loose coins are needed to fill up your wealth vase. They can be placed on your wealth ship if your have one as well.

Place them with other wealth symbols such as the Money frog, Chi Lin, Dragon Tortoise, Pi Yao and Wealth Deities.

Give them to your children in red packets for the to keep all throughout their life for prosperity and future wealth luck.

These are really special and come in a beautiful brocade bag.