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Fengshui Tips

The Power of Feng Shui Symbols

Feng shui empowers us to take charge of our lives. It awakens us to the beauty of energy and teaches us how to use this energy to enhance and protect prosperity. As a discipline, studying feng shui principles helps us to re-connect with the best in ourselves and the most intimate in our environment.

Feng shui means "wind and water" and these two symbols stand as the eloquent shorthand for the never-ending movement of chi that ebbs and flows through everything in the universe. The graceful wind blows the ever expanding waves and together they dance in harmony infusing chi or energy within and without our lives. Just as the waves are part of the bigger ocean, so too chi is the vital energy of Tao connecting and activating everything: everything originates from the Tao and everything returns to it. There is no beginning, middle or end just like the wind caressing the waves, all is in motion. Feng shui is based on the principle that everything that surrounds us has a unique energy of its own. Feng shui wisdom believes that what we place in our surroundings has an intimate effect on our well-being. The objects, their elemental make-up and color, the balance of yin and yang, the correct directions we face when we sleep and work- all are enhanced with the proper placement of SYMBOLS which vibrate with energy and infuse our lives with meaning and inspiration.

The beauty of using symbols to empower our intimate space is based on the fact that symbols go beyond words, beyond language into to the heart. The energy of the symbols we place in our homes and offices resonates to our own personal energy. The elegant Tribute Horse we place on our desk with its power, majesty and hard working courage inspires us to be the same. The longevity of the sturdy tortoise reflects our own internal desires for a long healthy life. The majesty of the scholar stone placed behind us when we work reinforces our own need to connect with the everlasting and ageless in nature. Thus, the sweetness and inspiration we receive from choosing symbolic art, coins, animals, flowers, birds, plants and so forth is priceless. It is not necessary, however, to be restricted to traditional Chinese symbols. We can tap into our own hearts, our own background and culture to choose symbols that speak directly to us. Flexibility and creativity go hand in hand.

To see with feng shui eyes means to become conscious of the energy that exists all around - in nature, in our homes, in our offices and places of rest. The correct placement of symbols of longevity, symbols for marriage and love luck, symbols for protection and symbols for prosperity and wealth all supply harmony, healing and wholeness to our lives. Have fun along the way as you creatively go about bringing infusions of energy and beauty into both your home and your life.

Symbols of Wealth & Prosperity

  • Metal Chinese coins tied with red thread (with auspicious writing) – represent the union of heaven & earth- money luck – great on work desk, files in purse etc.
  • Metal coin sword tied with red string – ward off negative sha chi
  • Round jade pendant with square hole – good luck and protection (worn on neck)
  • Gold ingots on wealth ship – incoming money luck pointed in to the home
  • Wealth vase – auspicious and perpetual symbol of money, prosperity & peace
  • Three legged toad – famous symbol placed in public areas of home/office for money luck
  • Fish in water – most popular emblem of wealth real or fake (nine one black)
  • Arrowana (dragon fish) – wealth energizer for the desk
  • Dragon & Phoenix – ultimate yang symbol for success in wealth luck, relationship luck
  • Dragon – most potent symbol of good fortune placed in the east of office desk & home
  • Phoenix bird – celestial creature of power and authority placed in the South
  • Chi Lin – Chinese Unicorn (Dragon Horse) – fabulous creature of prosperity, success, longevity
  • Dragon Tortoise – combines power and authority of dragon & longevity & success of tortoise
  • Tribute Horse – signifies victory over competitors – power and strength (placed in South)
  • Pair of precious elephants – symbol for success & descendants luck
  • Bats – five bats signify prosperity and good fortune
  • Money Tree – hanging with coins or precious stones for money luck & good fortune
  • Wish Fulfilling Cow – sitting on desk w/ gold ingots to represent good luck and descendants luck
Symbols of Longevity
  • Sau – God of long life placed on table diagonal to door
  • Crane – endowed with immortality, happiness and smooth flight
  • Pair of cranes - signify long life of patriarch and matriarch
  • Pine Tree – symbol of firm unwavering inner strength
  • Peaches – immortality symbol and also brings love luck & protection against bad spirits
  • Bamboo – symbol of resilience, longevity and fortitude
  • Deer – popular symbol associated with speed, endurance long life
  • Jade Cicada – amulet against office politics and longevity luck placed on desk
  • Tortoise – all around great amulet of protection, endurance, longevity, wealth
  • Dragon Tortoise – sitting on bed of coins w/baby on back –business luck power, money
  • Gourd – signifies abundance of blessings & good health
  • Fuk Luks Sau – 3 star gods for health wealth longevity to be displayed in dining room
  • Longevity calligraphy – to call in long life on dishes, furniture, beds, cupboards
Symbols of Love & Romance
  • Mandarin Ducks (in pairs) to create marriage opportunities (placed in SW of bedroom)
  • Pair of Geese – signifying the happiness of the married state
  • Double Happiness Sign – written on beds, plates, furniture for conjugal happiness
  • Peony Flower – two together symbolizes love, beauty & sex for unmarried girls
  • Paper Lanterns w/lucky symbols for fertility (red) hung by entrance door
  • Dragon – for power to unmarried girls to find a mate, also good for many sons
  • Balance for yin and yang – (inside home to bring to give equal power to male & female)
  • Crystals – placed in SW of bedroom for love luck (also crystal chandeliers in SW)
  • Six Smooth Balls –excellent for relationship luck put in SW of home & bedroom
  • Gustav Klimpt’s “The Kiss” for love luck
Symbols of Protection
  • Fu Dogs – for protection at the front and back door- protection against killing chi
  • Tiger- dignity, severity, courage, ferocity, protection - companion to:
  • Green Dragon - for ultimate protection from loss
  • Kuan Kung – protector of politicians and business leaders (place up high) or NW
  • Taoist Amulets to ward off ghosts, accidents etc. for physical safety, (hung on doors)
  • Ho Tu Grid & Dragon Horse – defeat bad flying stars to be placed diagonal to front door
  • Pa Kua Mirror – defeats poison arrows OUTSIDE hung up high on door facing outward
  • Hand Mirror – ward off negative influences and bad intentions
  • Sandalwood Fan – deflector of bad energy to be kept in purse or by bed
  • 6 Rod Windchime –antidote for 5 yellow changed every year (after cleaning)
  • Singing Bowls – purify home of illness, accidents, bad energy