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Fengshui Tips

How to Make Your Own Wealth Vase:

The power of this marvelous older custom carries over into today’s world as we learn how to create the abundance, wealth, family prosperity and precious treasures we all crave for ourselves and our loved ones. Learning how to make a wealth vase will have precious ramifications for you and your family. On this website, I have included the most important items you will need for this most important practice.

Here’s how:

  1. Find a suitable ceramic vase (with the neck smaller than the body.) Auspicious calligraphy like double happiness or dragons is perfect and the blue one that appears in this site is the best example of one that fits the bill. It is economical, shaped perfectly, has a tight top and also precious calligraphy written on the side.
  2. Soil from a rich person’s garden (preferable if given not ever stolen)
  3. Five red packets filled with grains (corn, millet, rice, oats, wheat etc) to symbolize a continuance flow of flood for the family
  4. The Wealth God (can be any one you resonate to)
  5. Five gem globes to symbolize wealth from five directions
  6. Gold ingots (symbolizing wealth)
  7. Faux diamonds (any size) to symbolize precious treasures
  8. Wish-fulfilling jewels to help wealth manifest
  9. Brass coins tied with red thread (3, 6 or 8) to symbolize current money
  10. Semi precious stones to inspire future money coming in
  11. I-ching coins to do away with obstacles
  12. Six smooth balls for family harmony
  13. Cash given to you by a rich man or woman
  14. Picture of wealthy people you admire
  15. Picture of enormous homes and rich clothing
  16. If you have it, money from other countries
  17. Five colors of cloth representing the five elements (red, white, yellow, green , blue)
  18. Five pieces of colored string (one red, yellow, green, white and blue)

First put the soil in the bottom for a firm support and foundation for your dreams. Then put in the five packets of food. Your Wealth God goes in next sitting in the middle. (Notice his facing direction and when you are finished; be sure to face the wealth god and the vase facing in to your home.) Then put everything else in. Close the top firmly and wrap the five pieces of cloth over the top of the lid with the five colored strings. Face inward and keep the vase hidden deep inside your home. The bedroom (in the Southwest location is a perfect spot It is wise to have at least one of these in every home.

Once you have created this wealth vase, there are others you can make. A metal bowl filled with faux diamonds, crystal lotus flowers, amethysts, citrines etc. makes a beautiful entry in the Northwest of the living room to boost the money luck and all around prosperity of the wage earner or patriarch of the family. This gem bowl picks up the rays of the sun and shimmers with prosperity luck.

One can be placed in the Northeast of the baby’s room or the student to help boost education luck and inspiration. Crystals, gem stones, gem trees, scholar stones, even old jewelry that shimmers in a crystal bowl make the perfect addition to any room. They boost the energy and good luck within.