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Fortune & Feng Shui 2014 Snake
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  • Fortune & Feng Shui 2014 Snake

Fortune and Feng Shui 2014 - Snake

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224 pages. Malaysia.

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This book, Fortune & Feng Shui 2014- SNAKE brings an exquisitely detailed, personalized reading of luck prospects and horoscopes for the Snake in 2014..

Learn what the Snake can expect in terms of career, health, love and relationship luck.

Understand how to cure the annual afflictions and what each month brings to the Snake's advancement.

I love these books and find they are the most intelligent, cogent, chock full of personalized information relating to each and every Chinese horoscope sign.

Be sure you have calculated your zodiac sign correctly. Remember, if you were born before Feb.4th, you go the prior year for your proper sign.

Every year, Lillian Too and her beautiful daughter Jennifer offer you these treats. Grab them.

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